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Our three Ayurvedic packages

All our Ayurvedic treatment packages include:

  • Accommodation in a sea view room, with ensuite bathroom and lounge area
  • Expansive palm garden paradise with sea views, pool, green yoga lawn, many retreat corners
  • Ayurvedic full board: 2 warm meals plus 1 snack or fruits
  • Yoga and meditation: 1.5 hours daily, with breathing techniques to eliminate body toxins, tailored to everyone (6 times a week)
  • Introductory consultation to clarify imbalances, needs, wishes,…
  • Ayurvedic treatments depending on medical indication, individual needs, package, and length of stay
  • Foot baths – detoxification is important to us in a variety of ways
  • Liver wraps to support detoxification
  • Small excursion or yoga by the sea, according to your wishes and arrangement
  • Ayurvedic accessories: tongue scraper, organic oil-pulling oil, organic hand soap
  • Yoni box for women

Ayurvedic treatments depending on the chosen package, body type, age and desires:

  • Shirodhara – forehead oil or buttermilk pouring,
  • Shiroabhyanga – head massage,
  • Mukhabhyanga – face massage,
  • Abhyanga – full body massage,
  • Pinda Sweda – stamp Massage,
  • external Vasty – local oil treatment, e.g., on painful joints,
  • Udvarthana – stimulating dry massage with powders,
  • Panchakarma – Ayurveda treatment with a focus on one of the 5 Ayurvedic body purifications: Nasya – nasal purification, Virechana – medicinal purging, Vasty internal – medicinal enemas, Vamana – medicinal vomiting, Rakta Moksha – purification of the blood

Package 1: Ayurveda wellness package

  • Daily personal interview (6 days per week)
  • Ayurvedic treatments of at least 1 hour depending on the length of stay*

Paket 2: Ayurveda cleansing package (Body purification therapy)

  • intensive and individual support during the entire cure
  • per week: 6 individual Ayurvedic treatments of at least 1 hour
  • at least 1 Ayuredic body cleansing, depending on your state of health, number of treatment days and personal needs

Paket 3: Ayurveda teaser package

  • short daily face-to-face interview (6 days per week)
  • Ayurvedic treatments of at least 1 hour depending on the length of stay*

* See the price list for the number of treatments included in the package and days.

Each fellow traveller can choose a different cure of break package.

We look forward to pampering, caring for and cleaning you!

Fabienne & Tobias

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