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Why an Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatment here instead of in India?

- In a non-binding preliminary discussion via video call, an initial meeting, a preliminary anamnesis and a "tapping" of needs takes place.
- We offer highly individual and personal support. In the "Casita Ayurveda" we attach great importance to the relationship with our guests.
- We touch empathetically and with a deep presence. We are not just about Ayurvedic oiling. Touch must be healing for us.
- The journey to Tenerife is much more relaxed and shorter than to India.
- The time difference in Tenerife is only 1 hour, to India it is 3.5 hours. Acclimatization is much easier!
- The climate on Tenerife is much more pleasant for Europeans than in southern India, as it is less humid and less hot.
- The year-round spring-like climate in the northwest of Tenerife is very beneficial for body and soul.
- Without linguistic, cultural and hygienic challenges, the cures are much more pleasant.
- With us, all the facilities relevant to the cure are in the same place: the treatments on the ground floor, the rooms on the 1st floor, the yoga room in the large garden paradise.
- We offer Ayurvedic organic cuisine and regional organic whole foods. We grow individual herbs and vegetables organically ourselves.
- We only use biological detergents and cleaning agents (e.g. from Sonett).

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