ayurveda - yoga - fasting - vacation


Ayurveda cures: from 7 days, as an Ayurveda wellness cure or Ayurveda cleansing cure or Ayurveda taster package, details below.

Yoga: holiday weeks, seminars, retreats, individual yoga coaching and always accompanying the Ayurveda and fasting offers, details for 3 options of individual yoga retreat packages below on this page. We also offer yoga retreats for group in December and and around New Year.

Fasting: from 7 days, therapeutic fasting according to Buchinger or alkaline fasting according to Wacker. See below for details. First group dates you can soon find under our events >>

Get to know and experience Ayurveda: Valuable Ayurvedic knowledge, routines and tips for self-treatment, yoga, cooking and more. Ask us for specific group events or individual dates.

Focus Coaching: "Achieve what you want!" Individual support and group offers. For example, individual smoking cessation.

Personal training: Efficient and joint-gentle build muscle and condition. Individual support.
Other seminars: men's seminars, women's seminars, "The Art of Touch". First group dates you can soon find under our events >>

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